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Summit Management’s Specialist HMO management services were originally launched to provide a much-needed alternative to sole tenancies, on Merseyside and in Surrey and West Yorkshire.

Owner-managed by Director Shaun Farrar, and with decades of experience in the property management business, Shaun made the initial decision to solely specialise in shared HMO property, to make renting a lot more accessible to individual tenants.

Understanding the difficulties today’s housing shortage has created for tenants, and how out of reach renting a property on a single income was becoming, Shaun also realised that it was just as hard for tenants to find people to take on a joint tenancy with them.

That’s why Summit Management got together with landlords, to create a great alternative that helps more tenants find a new high-quality home of their choice, without it being financially crippling.

After many successful years managing HMO’s, our tenants often met partners or their circumstances changed and they wanted to find a nest of their own, and would often ask us if we could help them.

Additionally, landlords who knew how well we managed our HMO’s regularly approached us for help with their single lets.

That’s why we have now added single let properties to our range of services.

Meaning we can now provide safe affordable homes and a secure return on property investments to even more tenants and landlords, and all with the comforting knowledge that an in-house team is on hand to take care of all maintenance and repairs 24/7.

So, whether you want to create a home for more people out of your rental property or are looking for a shared home yourself, or perhaps looking to let your property as a whole or searching for a home for you and your family, we’re here to assist you through the entire process.

We’d love to help you.

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